Monday, May 14, 2012

Deep Frying...a different option from the traditional propane turkey fryer

So for Christmas my father-in-law gave me a fry cutter that he mounted on a wood base.  It cuts the fries perfectly and they are oh so good.  I have a countertop deep fryer that I use at home for the fries.  For the January playoff game tailgating co-horts in crime and I brainstormed how to do the boardwalk fries without dragging the supplies for the turkey fryer there.  We quickly realized that the countertop deep fryer draws massive amounts of MW and would have overloaded a battery with an inverter.  So no fries in January.

In the off season I have been trying to figure this thing out.  Finally I found the Coleman Portable Deep Fryer.

It got good reviews.  I plan to test it out for our annual Memorial Weekend cookout to see if it will work out.  It uses a small canister of the propane tank and a lot less oil for the frying.  I can do chicken wings in it also!!!

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