Monday, May 7, 2012

Blacktop 360...To Buy or Not to Buy...That is the Question?

So I found out that at Sports Authority they had the Blacktop 360s on clearance for $79.97.  They are normally $249.  I got to the local store and they had only one left that was the floor model.  After looking at it I decided that I'd rather have something with more fryer space.  The basket for the fryer will only fry one serving at a time it seems.  So it would take me forever to do boardwalk fries at the tailgate.

But for $79.97 ... a co-worker of mine wanted it.  It's not that the thing is that heavy but it was seriously ackward to carry since its round and had the cutting board on the side.  So now I have a Blacktop 360 on my back porch until I can bring the thing to work and drop it off. :-)  I just hope that no one was taking video of me trying to get it into the car in my work outfit because it was NOT a pretty sight.

It seems pretty well built though.  Just a shame that the fryer was so small which is why I wanted it in the first place. :-(  Just glad I didn't shell out the $249 online plus shipping only to find out that I didn't want it.

Here's a picture of my temporary porch decoration ...BTW it does have a nice little touch with the cup holder on the side.  Might not want to put your beer there though since it might get skunked.

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