Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Fun with the Triple Dipper

For Mother's Day I needed something that I could throw together and let cook for awhile since there was so much going on.  I was going to my sister's house that night so I decided to use my triple dipper.  What is a triple dipper?  Its three small appetizer size crock pots that spin around.


This is a stock photo from Amazon.

Anyways....I decided to make three different kinds of dip for the celebration and a dessert that I call "Sin Cake".  Recipes are in the following posts.

I know the triple dipper would be hard to bring to tailgate without a generator but I can adapt the dips to the Tailgate Oven that I wrote about before or in a chafing dish with sterno to keep it warm.

I know you're supposed to use the little trays for your dipping chips, etc but I used it as a spoon holder and labeled the spoons so everyone would know what the dips were.

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