Monday, April 30, 2012

Teething Baby = No New Recipes or Experiments

Ry guy has been teething up a storm the past 5 days.  Fevers, sleepless nights, and a fussy baby has equated to no time to prepare more than a ham sandwich which I end up having to eat while I'm feeding him.

I had plans over the weekend to try the new tailgate oven for crab dip but that didn't quite happen :-(

Hopefully this week looks up.  I've been investigating the Blacktop 360 for tailgating also.  It has a fryer in the middle, griddle, warmer and grill.  It retails for $249 which is a hefty pricetag though.  I wish coleman still made the portable fryer that you can use with propane.  That would have been perfect for the boardwalk fries.

Here's a link to the Blacktop 360.  Cool concept...high price tag.

Stock Photo above
Blacktop 360

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