Monday, October 29, 2012

Sesame Street 1st Birthday Party for My Lil Guy!

I've been a total slacker in getting this posted but here are the pictures of the birthday party for our son.  We did a Sesame Street theme.  I'll post separately with the details of how to make some of the food and the props.

The picture is of the street scene I made. 

  • Street Sign:  Made from cardboard tube, dowel road, green duct tape, styrofoam ball and a printout on 11x14 of the street sign.
  • Trash Can:  From Courtland Hardware
  • Stuffed Animals:  Some we had at the house and others I found on ebay to fill in the gaps.
  • Brick Wall:  This is a Halloween Scene Setter
  • Window:  Another party backdrop
  • The door and steps:  Old cardboard boxes covered in construction paper

This picture is Elmo's World Snack Bar.

  • Sign:  Foam poster board and printed out letters that my kids colored in.
  • Popcorn boxes:  From oriental trading.  Used circle cutouts from etsy shop (I will send the link later)
  • Crayons:  Bought from ebay ... they are 42" inflatables
  • Lollipop Holder:  Styrofoam block covered in wrapping paper.  The lollipops themselves were from Oriental Trading

This picture is Hooper's Store Goody Bag Shop.

  • Stand:  Melissa and Doug Lemonade/Grocery Stand that we repurposed.
  • Sign:  Made from poster board.

Each little box had a goodie for the goodie bag.  It was windy that day can you tell?  The table that had the yellow tablecloth that was about to blow away had blue, red, orange and green bags on it for them to fill up in the goodie store.

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