Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventure Time Cake Pops ... They were quite the adventure!

My daughter wanted to do something on a rainy weekend in September.  So we decided to bust out the cake pop maker and try to do cake pops.  Oh not just any cake pops.  She had watched a YouTube video for Adventure Time cake pops and cupcakes.  So off to JoAnn's we went for candy melts, jelly beans, edible sugar sheets and candy eyes...oh and fondant.

Cake pops .... not as easy as they look.  Yes they are not perfect but my daughter and i had a great time making them! I found the secret was to dip the stick in the melted candy and then put the pops on and let that harden so they don't fall off.

I know this isn't tailgating material but I thought they turned out cute.  My favorite was Jake


  • Cake pop mix
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Candy melts of various shades and colors
  • Jelly beans, airheads, candy eyes, fondant and any other edible thing you want to try


Make the pops according to the box directions.  Put two on a stick once they cool.

Dip in your favorite colored candy melt.  Decorate with candy.

Here's a picture of Beemo.  Made from Blue Candy Melts, fondant, edible sugar sheets, and candy confetti.

Here's a picture of Jake.  Made from yellow candy melts, jelly belly beans and candy eyes.

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